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Astrology dates back to the beginning of time.

Astrology is the oldest of all the sciences. It is older than all religions. It has helped to guide mankind from the campfire to the dawn of the modern age. It will no doubt continue to guide us to help us understand ourselves for who we are and how we can become better people. And that is extremely worthwhile.

Astrology is the study of planetary influences and their affect on the world and everything in it. Astrology is usually limited to human beings--their nature, and their affairs, although a chart can be drawn up for just about any event. The horoscope is a blue print or pattern of the solar system cast for a particular moment of time. It is from this that the astrologer bases the interpretation or delineation as indicated by the nature of the sun, moon, and planets.

The natal horoscope is a chart drawn at the moment of birth to see and understand the nature and makeup of the soul of the newborn as it takes residence in the physical vehicle or body. The human soul is a focal point of cosmic energy, and the pattern of the heavens, as charted in the horoscope, is the means the soul comes to know itself and its destiny.

Astrology points the way to soul development and growth (refer to the 'Spirtual Astrology Reading' and 'Your Purpose in Life Report'). The soul's strengths and weaknesses are noted in the horoscope. Life is an opportunity given to soul for further enhancement.

Astrologers usually do not predict actual events in the future. They can only say what might happen, or could happen, but not what will happen-much like a weather forecast; although many psychics do make predictions, and astrology is the tool they use to focus their abilities.

Another common feature of astrology is the comparison of birth charts to ascertain the compatibility of two people (refer to the 'Compatibility Reading' and 'Compatibility Report') . This is a straightforward method used by over-laying one chart upon the other. The aspects or angles formed by the planets are then analyzed to determine how the energy fields of each person blend together. Some couples form more harmonious bonds than others, less harmonious bonds offer a greater challenge for peace and happiness.

For further information, please refer to the hundreds of astrology websites on the internet.